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Our Principles - Our Goals


  • To believe that the future of children is our future,

  • To believe that success is team work,

  • Being in favor of change and continuous development,

  • To be focused on student-parent expectations,

  • Making decisions using common mind,

  • To give importance to a healthy working environment,

  • To believe in the importance of the work we do,

  • To give importance to employees' abilities and ideas,

  • To be an honest and trustworthy institution,

  • Our working principle is; not to see who is wrong, but to go to the solutions of the problems based on what is wrong.


  • To ensure that our children develop physically, mentally, sensually and socially and gain basic habits,

  • To develop self-care skills,

  • To ensure that children take responsibility, be honest, respectful, polite and organized,

  • To teach students to entertain while teaching,

  • To give our children love of Atatürk, nation, homeland and flag,

  • To help develop the commitment of children to national, spiritual, moral, cultural and human values,

  • To ensure that children use Turkish correctly and beautifully,

  • To reach the level of mental maturity required for primary education,

  • To prepare our children for primary education,

  • To bring each student to the highest point of his / her capacity,

  • Preparing a common educational environment for children from different backgrounds

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