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Canlı Yayın

Dear Parents,

In Preschool Education Institutions

monitoring system application with the camera in use,

TC. Ministry of National Education Board of Education

It has been banned as of its date and announced with a circular ...


Circular in Educational Institutions

camera system "for security purposes

out of education and training areas,

garden, corridor, entrance, exit etc. places "can be tracked, reported,

" Education and training areas with special usage areas such as washbasin, wc,

watching the group rooms where the activities are held on the internet

It has been decided that the child is not suitable for development.


TC. Ministry of Education. The decisions of TTKB and the Prime Ministry SHÇEK General Directorate regarding the issue are published in the documents below.


Dear Parents who want this service from us

we ask that they show understanding ...


TC MEB Private Balbocegi Kindergarten

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