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Covid-19 Precautions

As Private Balbocegi Kindergarten, we have launched the Safe School Plan, which regulates our new normal, after the Covid-19 pandemic. The main purpose of our Safe School Plan; To protect the health and safety of our children and their families and employees from the day our school opens, to fulfill our responsibility to the maximum extent to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our target; Thanks to the steps we will take within the scope of the Secure School Plan, our school is to minimize the risk of Covid-19.


We share the summary of the measures we will take with the participation of our parents, employees and children within the scope of Private Balbocegi Kindergarten, Safe School Plan.


  1. Before the school is opened, our entire building has been disinfected by painting and cleaning, and disinfection will continue to be carried out at regular intervals.

  2. The “Garden Class” application will be emphasized by reducing the hours spent in the classroom.

  3. In no area of ​​the school will students mix with each other in different classes.

  4. Garden use will take place at different time intervals for each class.

  5. The meals will be eaten at the refectory in a different time period, so that different classes will not mix.

  6. The air in the classrooms and throughout the building will be kept fresh with natural ventilation throughout the day.

  7. Hand sanitizers in all classes and a hygiene point are created at the entrance of the building.

  8. Plush toy, cushion, pillow etc. materials will be removed from the classes. All remaining toys, table surfaces, door handles, power switches, handrails, hard floors, etc. surfaces will be cleaned regularly with steam disinfection equipment throughout the day.

  9. The fire of our children and employees will be measured at the garden entrance every morning and before leaving school every evening. No one with a fever or healthy health will be taken to the school building and sent to rest at home.

  10. All our employees will wear masks throughout the day; they will wear school clothes when they come to school.

  11. Every morning on arrival to the school, our children will wait at the waiting points placed in the garden intermittently and will be taken to the building one by one after the fire measurement.

  12. Nobody other than our employees and children will be admitted to our school building. This includes our parents.

  13. We ask our parents not to send our children, who are not completely healthy, to school.

  14. Our children will be trained on the personal hygiene measures necessary to protect them from Covid-19.

  15. Our children will sit at their desks in classrooms in accordance with the social distance rule.

  16. Each of our children will have a special “activity box” and their children's names will be written on it. Pen, paint, glue, paste, etc. in these boxes. Every child will only use the materials.

  17. Our parents will immediately inform the school administration if there is a Covid-19 positive case in their family, in the immediate vicinity.

  18. In our school, if the Covid-19 incident occurs, the class students and their teacher will be sent home for a 14-day quarantine. As part of the Secure School Plan, there will be no cross-transitions between classes and teachers, so we may only have the opportunity to apply quarantine for the respective class.

  19. Our parents will be informed as soon as possible and in full transparency about any new developments regarding Covid-19 in our school.


Our Safe School Plan, which we have revised and updated as necessary, in the schools that will be reopened / opened all over the world, by carefully following the explanations about the Covid-19 epidemic, made by national and international official institutions and states, We expect the support and understanding of all our parents to be able to function properly.


You can call us for more detailed information about our Safe School Plan.

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